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Dance and Aerial Artist

KAthleen Doherty

Performance Art

Kathleen Doherty is a multidisciplinary artist merging contemporary, aerial dance, and performance art. Her work is emotionally potent, exploring personal growth and the essence of human existence.


Shaped by two decades of experience, seamlessly blending contemporary dance, aerial artistry, and performance, creating a captivating narrative that transcends conventional boundaries.


Clients have included Google, Mercedes Benz, Boeing, Guinness Storehouse, Electric Picnic and Quinta do Lago



““Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” – Dr Brene Brown

Set in the evocative backdrop of an abandoned factory, the decaying space becomes a symbolic canvas for the tragedy of disconnect both within fractured relationships and how that can influence our internal world.

What lies there between the said and unsaid, the gaps in connection. When we don’t speak of the needs and hopes that run through our veins. The moments of pause before speech. What is that long pause where we leave our bodies behind, existing in the dark silence, because the reality becomes just that bit too intense. That space in breath where you feel empty for a moment. Can we lean into this, can we take this space and create within it, can we change our paths and our narratives. Can we set ourselves free?

This will be a duo aerial dance film in collaboration with Scott Robinson

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Female-driven, emotionally charged, visually captivating. Martyr is a direct and threatening view into the human psyche. From the raw realness of the female form, bound and trapped in a repetitive loop, to the chaotic movements of a soul driven mad. Heavily littered with esoteric and religious symbolism. This work is a daring use of body and props.

Martyr is a work by Alexandre Duarte and Kathleen Doherty, it is multi-disciplinary, blending dance, physical theatre, performance art and the aerial arts. Combining innovative atmospheric design with ropes, aerial equipment, intense soundscape, moveable lights and a chair. We invite you to enter what may be experienced as a nightmare that hints at current events and darker political agendas.

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Broken Warmth is an aerial dance performance that explores the impact our relationships have on our existence in the world. It is a ritual, an awakening, a journey through our darkness towards hope. How we all rely on our close relationships yet, how these can be both supportive and destructive at the same time.

It is an immersive experience that explores the duality of darkness and light, love and trauma, grief and connection investigating the effect that the complexities and contradictions within relations have on our psyche.. Through the combination of movement, sound, and lighting, this multidisciplinary, site-specific performance takes the audience on a literal and transformative journey towards our collective light.

Started as research at the creative intensive at the Irish Aerial Creation Centre in 2021, it won a residency at the IACC in 2022. This project was performed at Karosta, Latvia June 2023 and CINE Sineu, Mallorca.

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TIME-This is My Eternity

‘TIME- This is My Eternity’ Through the art of aerial dance and performance, the enchantress weaves a tapestry that transcends beyond the realm of our perceptions of time, touching upon the essence of our shared humanity and the current climate crisis. The audience is transported on a journey of self-discovery, as they become immersed in a world that provokes contemplation, inspiring a deeper understanding of the fragility of our existence. This performance, a testament to the inevitability of death and the fleeting nature of time, illuminates the importance of cherishing every moment, both for ourselves and for the world we call home.

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About Kathleen

My name is Kathleen Doherty, and my work merges contemporary dance, aerial, and performance art. A graduate of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Florida State University, I started performing and touring with various Irish and EU companies, including Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company, Irish Modern Dance Theatre, and Ffin Dance in Wales. My work has been showcased at festivals across Europe, such as the Irish Aerial Dance Festival (IRE), Trengos (PT), Sziget Festival (HU), Fara (PT), Laois Dance Festival (IRE), and Derida Dance Festival (BG). 

Currently, I am an artist in residence in Limerick, Ireland, engaging in research, creation, and performance across Europe and Ireland. ‘Martyr,’ a collaborative project with Alexandre Duarte, originated from the cross-border EU-funded residency, Island Connect, made its debut at the Irish Aerial Dance Festival in 2022. While touring with Fossetts Circus in 2022, I completed ‘The Fall,’ a dance film scored by Dave Boyd, premiering at the Constructed Sight Film Festival (USA) in 2023. Recognized at international festivals, it earned the Audience Award for Best Dance Film at the Azores Fringe (PT).

Currently, I’m working on four projects: ‘The Space Between,’ an aerial dance film, ‘Broken Warmth,’ an aerial dance duet, ‘Misneach,’ a performance art piece about empathy and collective awareness, and ‘TIME- This is My Eternity,’ an aerial dance and performance art piece. 

‘Broken Warmth’ featured performances in Latvia and research at C.IN.E Mallorca, while ‘Misneach’ was created for A CASA SUA in Agitlab and presented at the Marrakech International Street Arts Festival in December 2023 and in Limerick 2024. Recently, I’ve been researching a new show initiated at the Irish Aerial Dance Festival and performed at LAMB- Land Art Moving Biennale. ‘TIME- This is My Eternity’ explores climate change, the passage of time, and the urgency facing both humanity and the world.

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Limerick, IE


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